Vision in Focus Media was created by Gabriela Milian, to help personal brands and large businesses share their story with clarity. Her experience as a television reporter, commercial actress and lifestyle model for both English and Spanish media networks increased her skills and love for visual storytelling. You might have seen her work on-camera or behind the scenes for ABC News, Telemundo, CNN, CBS, NBC and many more. 

But at the root, her passion was wanting to help people tell their stories in the most impactful way.

Born in New York and raised all across the United States in a military family, Gabriela grew a deep love for human connection and storytelling. That’s why she decided to study Journalism and Spanish at Rutgers University, and during her time in school she started working in Spanish television.

After finishing her undergraduate degree she continued freelancing as a photographer, videographer and voiceover artist in New York City, while working on her Master of Science degree at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. This soon led to her becoming a journalist for the E.W. Scripps company in Florida and later working at ABC7 in Los Angeles as a TV reporter.

Her time as a TV reporter will always hold a special place in her heart, but the eagerness to dive deeper into storytelling grew as the fast paced and deadline-driven world of the news industry became more demanding. Vision in Focus Media started out of the desire to help others tell stories to truly create an impact on their audiences whether through video, social media, on-air coaching or public speaking.

Vision in Focus Media truly believes that everyone has a story, sometimes they just need help delivering it.