What is Vision in Focus Media?

Vision in Focus Media…the name came to me after journaling for over 3 years because that is what I was searching for, clarity and more focus in my own life. 

But I knew that this is what I was good at when it came to sharing stories. Sharing stories that were clear, relatable and impactful.

I have been a television reporter for over 5 years for both Spanish and English media networks in the United States, and I had a blast. So why did I pivot and start my own production company?

I believe in the power of 3 so I’ll explain it in 3 parts.

First, there were so many stories that came across my email that I simply did not have time for because I would not have been able to fit it in a 1 minute 30 second news story. Still, I felt that these stories should be shared and I needed to find an outlet to help share those stories. 

Second, I wanted to not just construct these stories but give other people the tools to share their story in the most impactful way on their own. This was a service that I first developed for actors while I was a reporter in Los Angeles, but I knew that so many others could benefit from these formulas. 

Lastly, I knew that I would never want to leave the media industry, but was always curious in exploring other parts of the industry. Especially, because I did not start my career in the media industry as a TV reporter, I started as a commercial actress in Spanish Television. 

If you can’t find a place to do what you want to do, then create it…and Vision in Focus Media was born.

I believe this is what led me down a path to wanting to produce more for others and to continue my creativity while helping even more generous souls.

In an elevator pitch I would tell you that, “Vision in Focus Media provides content creation, media strategy and workshops for personal brands and organizations while helping them share their story with clarity across media platforms.”

But if we were face to face I would tell you that I started this company because I believe that everyone has a story to share and valuable knowledge to help others, they just need help delivering it. That’s what Vision in Focus Media does, they help you deliver your story, but at the end of the day it’s your story. 

I still freelance for different news/media companies as a TV journalist because I see the value in that industry and I’ve already incorporated so much of what I’ve learned in TV into this company. So why not continue to dive and develop news/media companies and learn more so that I can help you with your story.

Vision in Focus Media is telling you that your story needs to be told, and we can help you make it feel less scary.